Bilaspur Murder: Man Killed Wife As She Learnt About his Money Printing Act

BILASPUR: Investigation into the Sati Sahu murder revealed the husband -accused of the murder was involved in the illegal printing of money-an inspiration drawn from the latest Bollywood release FARZI starring Shahid Kapoor in the pivotal role. The plot of the movie revolves around the difficulties a common man endures that lead him into illegal activities to meet the ends.

As per the probe, Pawan Singh killed his wife as she learned about his illegal acts. However, the 32-year-old accused of being arrested had earlier misled the police saying he killed her suspicion of infidelity.

Pawan Singh was married to Sati Sahu for 10 years and they also had two children. People related to the family also said that the couple argued frequently. Reports indicate that the murder was committed two months. It surfaced recently after the neighbors of the accused lodged a complaint about a foul smell emanating from the former’s house. The police searched the house and found remains of the body tapped in a polythene bag in an overhead tank. It is said that the body was mutilated and chopped into 5 parts.

Superintendent of Police (SP), Bilaspur, Santosh Kumar Singh said the accused strangulated his wife on January 6 and cut the body into pieces with a cutter machine to dispose of the body.

“There was some construction work going on near his building therefore he was unable to dispose of the body. He wrapped the body with the help of polythene and tape and dumped it in a water tank which was placed in another room of his house,” said the SP.

Singh said that they received a tip-off on Sunday that one Pawan was dealing in counterfeit currencies and when they reached the spot, they recovered some fake currency and a printer.

Police said that they have recovered the tile cutter machines and the body was sent for postmortem.

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