BJP Clean Sweeps Congress in Urban Body Polls 

Story Highlights
  • BJP Clean Sweeps Congress in Urban Body Polls
  • Urban body elections was under way in 18 districts of the state.
  • Chief regions, Gadhakota Municipality and Khurai Municipality retained. 

Madhya Pradesh: At the recent urban body election held across 46 urban bodies in 18 districts, BJP has showcased huge victory. Along with these Municipal elections were also held in two areas. All 814 wards those of the 6 newly formed districts also underwent polls. 

The BJP In the Gadhakota Municipality clean bold the Congress. Son of minister Gopal Bhargava, Abhishek Bhargava was in-charge of the campaign. Besides this 32 wards of Khurai Municipality under the leadership of Minister of Urban Development and Housing minister in Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhupendra Singh have also retained power. 

Counting of other wards is still underway. 

The state election commission began the voting process at 9 am on Friday. The voting was conducted under strict surveillance.  

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