BJP Manifesto for the Upcoming Polls; a Disguise of a Burgeoned Assam

Story Highlights
  • BJP released its propaganda for the growth of the state
  • Commits strengthening connectivity and infrastructure to education, health, and women empowerment
  • Will 'correct NRC' to filter illegal residents : BJP

Assam: With the electoral polls ahead, BJP president Nadda released the party manifesto for polls in Assam. He has promised a ‘correct NRC’ along with jobs for the youth and cycles for the girls. His announcement included 10 commitments that BJP would fulfil to benefit the state if it gained power.

JP Nadda also said, “CAA has been passed by Parliament. It is to be implemented and it will be implemented in letter and spirit.”  His commitments spread over from strengthening connectivity and infrastructure to education, health, and women empowerment. 

He further said,” Congress supports infiltration in a way. BJP has made many efforts in the last five years to stop infiltration and strengthening of the borders. In the manifesto, we promise a ‘correct NRC’ to protect the genuine citizens of India.”

10 Manifesto of BJP for Assam

1. Mission Brahmaputra, which aims to avoid flood damages by building big reservoirs around the river.

2.  Arunoday Scheme, under which 30 lakh deserving families will be paid financial support of Rs 3,000 per month, up from Rs 830.

3. Relief of Rs 2.5 Lakh for all namgarhs.

4. Improve Education Quality. under Mission Shisu Unnayan. Free education to all children in government institutions. Girl students will get bicycles from Class 8. 

5. Will work on ‘corrected NRC’ to protect’ genuine Indian citizens’. 

6.  Assam Aahar Aatmanirbharta initiative to make Assam self-sufficient 

7. Youth progress- ensuring jobs to promote the development of the state.  It also promises 8 lakh jobs in the private sector. 

8. Speed up delimitation to protect the political rights of people. 

9. Swami Vivekananda Youth Employment scheme- to promote entrepreneurship.

10.  Commit to empower citizens with land rights

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