BJP-Ruled Haryana Refuses Crop from States, amid the ongoing conflict with Farm Laws

Chandigarh: The Haryana government needs to think about the farmers of Haryana and “don’t need to worry over different states”, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said earlier this month, declining to obtain crops from other states. Khattar’s video statement, being widely shared via social media, is contrary to the idea of the contentious farm laws which promise barrier-free trade at markets and prices of the farmer’s choice.

The Chief Minister said this on September 17 while praising the farm laws. 

“We will guarantee that the maize and bajra of Haryana farmers are totally purchased. We won’t let it happen that farmers from different states will profit by selling it in our state. We need to think about the farmers of our state. We don’t need to stress over different states”, he said.

He additionally blamed Congress for politicizing the issue. The resistance has censured the way where the three key farm bills were passed in parliament and asserted that the bills were pushed through voice vote disregarding the principles. 

The Haryana Chief Minister said Congress-controlled states like Punjab and Rajasthan are not obtaining crops like maize and bajra on the minimum support price (MSP), compelling farmers to sell their produce in Haryana.

The Congress is making it political. But I have a question for them. For what reason are their governments  in Punjab and Rajasthan not doing this (get maize and bajra)? We won’t acquire maize and bajra from different states since it’s us who cause the misfortunes. This is the portion of the farmers of Haryana, he said. 

On Monday, around fifty farmers from Uttar Pradesh were halted from entering neighbouring Haryana’s Karnal region to sell their paddy crop at government-run mandis (discount markets), in spite of the dubious homestead bills – which guarantee boundary streamlined commerce at business sectors and costs of the rancher’s decision – having been marked into law on Sunday night. 

Enormous farmers’ fights have been held over the laws, particularly in Punjab and Haryana, states that are named the grain bowl of the nation. 

The issue of the base cost at which the legislature purchases food grains, is at the centre of inescapable fights against the ranch law, with certain ranchers accepting the cost – which goes about as an assurance of profit for their difficult work – has been abrogated by the middle and that they will presently be left to manage ground-breaking corporates who will demand paying lower rates.

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