Blasts Heard in Kyiv; Russian Troops Move Towards Capital

Story Highlights
  • Two large blasts were heard in Kyiv on early Friday.
  • Nearly 137 have died, and 10,000 displaced since the attack began.
  • Biden and western allies impose severe sanctions, slap ban on exports to Russia.

Kyiv: In the largest attack on the former Soviet Union at least 137 deaths have been reported in a single day. Day of the ‘military operation’ launched by the Kremlin witnessed two large blasts in the capital, a local media reported. According to officials from the UN, 10,000 people have been displaced since Day 1. It is reported that the Russian fire that was targeted towards the civilian areas of Kyiv was successfully brought down by Ukrainians.

The invasion invited several sanctions towards Russia from the US and its allies. In a speech, Joe Biden announced sanctions on four more banks including the two biggest banks Sberbank and VTB. Additionally, a ban on exports is also being slapped which would cut off the major tech supply of the Russians. Mr Biden said. “Those measures, on top of a raft of other sanctions already announced this week, will make Putin “a pariah on the international stage,” he said. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s President signed a decree ordering the mobilization of all conscripts and reservists to face Russian troops.

According to Russian Defence Ministry, the goal for Day 1 of the operation was successfully accomplished. It claims to have destroyed 83 land-based Ukrainian targets, Where Zelensky’s Defence dept said it destroyed 4 Russian tanks near Kharkiv, killed 50 troops in Luhansk and downed six Russian warplanes in the east.

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