Bollywood: Radhe Will Not See Any Profit But Salman Still Wants To Release It, Why?

Story Highlights
  • Radhe will release tomorrow across multiple ott platforms and theatres abroad
  • Salman said Radhe will incur losses but he still wants to release it
  • He states that he wants to support theatre owners and entertain fans with the release

Bollywood: Salman khan’s films are expected to cross a minimum 0f 100 crores and can go up to 300 crores when released on Eid. But this year seems to be different with his next release ‘Radhe- your most wanted Bhai’. The makers of the film were hopeful for a theatrical release this year as the pandemic situation was not so grim. But as the second wave has hit and theatres have been closed again, the fate of the movie seems doubtful.

When asked about why Salman Khan still wants to go for an OTT release of the movie this year amidst the pandemic, he replied, “So, the reason why we are doing this film is to support the theatre owners but the theatres again got shut. But, we decided- what is the fault of the fans who wanted to go and see the film? So, now in a crucial time like this, when people are dying, people are not getting oxygen, medication and over that, a Salman Khan film comes and they are going to go to see that film in the theatre, with that extra amount of money… that is not happening. So, you get to see the film at a bare minimum cost with your whole family. We will bear the loss but at a time like this, people who have lost their loved ones and they want to get out of that zone, they can watch Radhe. If not now, I want it later. People who are at home would like to watch some entertainment, something that will uplift them. So that is my intention behind it. My biggest intention is that you don’t have to spend that kind of money to go and watch the film in the theatre now”.

It is expected that the Salman Khan-Disha Patani starrer can make only about 10-15 crores which is quite low as compared to a Salman khan movie but yet the ‘bhaijaan’ of Bollywood wants to go ahead and entertain his fans with his movie. “We may get the lowest numbers with Radhe. It might not even cross 10-15 crores but whoever wants to be happy with this lowest number they can be happy. Some people will be happy with my lowest numbers while some people will be happy with my highest numbers. The lowest numbers are going to be Radhe. We would lose money on Radhe and box office collections are going to be almost zero but we are still going ahead with Radhe. My life’s ambition was 10 lakh rupees. It will come with nothing, it will go with nothing so whatever this is, it is much more than plus”, an optimistic Salman said in an interview. Radhe- your most wanted bhai rises tomorrow across zee platforms and theatres abroad.

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