BOMB Cyclone Effect; 60 Killed in the US, Japan and Austria also Affected

Story Highlights
  • About 200 million people trapped in snowstorm-affected areas across the US
  • 60 people died in the country
  • Effects were seen in Japan and Austria as well

America: Cyclone BOMB continues to wreak havoc in the US. 60 people have died so far in the country due to it. The effect of the cyclone can also be seen in Japan and Austra as well. While 17 people have already died, more than 90 people have been reported injured due to the heavy snowfall in large parts of Japan. On the other hand, 10 are missing due to avalanches in Austria of Europe.

About 200 million people in the US are badly affected by the snowstorm on Christmas eve. Ambulances are not able to reach the patients there and there is even electricity failure in many cities. The most affected are cities like New York and Montana where the temperature has reached around -45 degrees.

American officials are calling it the worst storm of the century. Snowstorm conditions are still in place in parts of the US Northeast. Things are also bad in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan. Meanwhile, emergency management officials in Japan said on Monday that hundreds of vehicles were stranded on highways amid heavy snowfall in the country. Delivery services are delayed. As of Monday, the death toll has risen to 17 while more than 90 are injured. 

On the other hand, avalanches continue in Austria. There is a possibility of people getting buried in snow near Zuers town. Many passengers were stranded at the airports on the occasion of Christmas. The flights were either canceled or delayed. Airports in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, and New York were in bad shape.

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