Bones Found Belong to Shraddha: DNA Reports

Story Highlights
  • 13 bones found in Mehrauli Forest.
  • DNA reports confirm bones belong to Shraddha Walker
  • Shraddha Walker was murdered by Aftab-her live in partner.

NEW DELHI: DNA reports of the bones recovered from the Mehrauli forest confirm they belong to Shraddha Walker who was brutally chopped by her live in partner Aaftab Poonawala in the month of May.

Aftab who underwent Narco test in Tihar jail, an officer who on grounds of anonymity revealed that he challenged the Delhi police to find the dismembered pieces and the weapons he used.

Delhi police’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) has also as per reports said that Aaftab was threatened by Shraddha’s growing friendship with a man called Badri, a Mehrauli resident and feared that she would tell him about her abuse. In a media interaction, Delhi Police have said that “They became good friends, and based on his [Badri’s] suggestions, the duo came to Delhi in the first week of May. They first stayed at a guest house and then at a hotel, and then rented a flat in Chhattarpur on May 14 with Badri’s help, just days before the murder took place.”

Media reports read- “Having seen the wooded area near Badri’s house, Aaftab admitted during the narco test to conducting a recce deep in the forest to select places where he could get rid of his victim’s body parts, police sources said. He searched the internet for isolated places.”

Shraddha Walkar and Aaftab Poonawala had moved to Delhi in May and four days later, following an argument over expenses and infidelity. He then strangulated Shraddha on May 18 and dismembered her body into 35 pieces.

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