Boy 8 Who Fell in 50 Feet Well Dies

VIDISHA: As per latest updates, 8 year old Lokesh Ahirwar who fell into a 50 feet deep borewell breathed his last the Lateri Community health centre where he was sent for medical attention immediately after being rescued from the well.

Lokesh, who was stuck at 43 feet was rescued on Wedensday morning through a parallel pit that was dug with the help of earth movers and poklen machines. Three teams of SDRF and one team of NRDF was deployed to rescue the boy. A camera was lowered to monitor the movement of the boy however, it was not possible to talk to the boy nor deliver food. Medics deployed on the spot supplied oxygen through a pipe.

Lokesh slipped into the borwell while playing at a field in Kher Khedi village in Lateri tehsil Vidhisha district MP on Tuesday afternoon. Emergency squad, medical team and officials from the administration along with thge police personnel immediately arrived at the spot on recieving the information.

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