Brazil Twin School Shooting: 16-Year-Old Kills 3, Injures many

Aracruz, Brazil: Two school shootings have come to light in Brazil. Three people have died in the twin school shooting. Speaking to local media, officials said a shooter wearing a bulletproof vest stormed two schools in southeastern Brazil, killing two teachers and a student and wounding around 11 others.

Police said in a statement that the shootings took place at elementary and middle school students and a private school, both located on the same street in the small town of Aracruz in Espirito Santo state. State Governor Renato Casagrande said authorities arrested the suspected shooter after a search. 

The Governor tweeted that they will continue to investigate the matter and will gather more information soon. “He was a student at (the first) school until June, a 16-year-old minor. His family then transferred him to another school. We have information he was undergoing psychiatric treatment”, said Governor Renato Casagrande. 

Security camera footage showed the attacker wearing a bulletproof vest and using a semiautomatic pistol to carry out the attacks, Espirito Santo Public Security Secretary Marcio Celante released a video at the Secretariat. Eleven people were injured in the incident, said Celante, who noted that the shooter entered the teachers’ lounge after breaking the lock on the public school.

The Governor has called for a 3-day mourning in the state after the incident shook the people. Reports have also come in that the minor shooter is a policeman’s son. He used two handguns to shoot at the school premises which were registered under his father’s name. One of the guns is registered as his service firearm while the other is registered as his private weapon. Further investigations are on for this case.

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