Brutal Murder of Sadhu; Naked Body Found

Gwalior: In an incident that has sent shockwaves through Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh; a sadhu baba was brutally murdered. He was strangled to death and his hands & feet were also tied. The discovery of the sadhu’s naked body behind the temple intensified the sensation surrounding the case. The Police officials have started an investigation on this matter. The heinous crime occurred in the Ghatigaon police station area.

According to the reports, the sadhu was residing in an ashram in the forests of Ghatigaon for nearly fifteen years. He was brutally attacked and killed by unidentified individuals. Disturbingly, a flashlight and cloth were discovered in the sadhu’s mouth, indicating signs of torture.

As soon as the authorities received information about the naked body, senior police officers arrived at the Bhanwar Pura forest. The body has been sent for post-mortem examination. The dog squad was also deployed to aid in the investigation. The sadhu baba has been identified as Garib Das, also known as Gopal Das.

 The murder of a revered sadhu, known for his spiritual practices and devotion, has deeply affected the public sentiment. The investigation is underway, and the police are actively pursuing leads to shed light on the motive behind the sadhu baba’s brutal murder.

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