Bus fare increased by 25% in Chhattisgarh with CM Bagel’s Consent

Story Highlights
  • Bus operators demand fare hikes since the diesel price increased
  • Diesel price in CG touches near 100 rs per litre
  • Bus fares were forcefully overcharged before this hike

The increase in bus fares across the country has taken a toll on the daily passengers. With the rise in diesel prices in the last few months, the bus fare was destined to rise! But the rate by which the fares have been raised across the state of Chhattisgarh is now a matter of concern for the lakhs of bus commuters in the state. In a recent decision, the Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupen Baghel has given his consent to increase the bus fare by 25%. 

It means that if earlier a journey between Raipur and Jhalap would have cost you Rs 80, now it will cost you Rs 100. But situations were grim for the last few weeks as bus operators used to charge 40% extra fare from the passengers as the plea to raise bus prices was not heard by the authorities. So, the same trip from Raipur to Jhalap was charged at 150 Rs by the operators for the last few weeks. 

Even if the commuters complained they were threatened to be thrown out of the bus. The transport department had conducted checks on these buses and issued challans of around 35 thousand rupees but still, there was no respite from this overcharging. It is now that the CM has given his nod to increase the bus fare, at least such a huge fare would not be charged from the passengers. 

Several bus operators are demanding a hike in the fare since the diesel price increased massively in the state and touched up to 96 Rs per litre. The last price hike in the state was in July 2018 when the diesel price was around 69 rs per litre. Though the increase in the bus fare would benefit the bus operators, it will bring a burden to the daily commuters of the state who are already facing a lockdown-induced financial crisis.

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