Businessman Looses Rs 64 Lakh in Online Scam

Story Highlights
  • 68 year old , Jaipur based businessman lost Rs 64 lakh.
  • The 64 lakhs are claimed to have been siphoned from bank account through a SIM card scam.
  • Probe underway.

A Jaipur based businessman lost Rs 64 lakh in what is possible to be a SIM card swapping scam. Based on the reports, Rs 64 lakh were siphoned from the victim’s bank account which came to his notice two days later after seeing a series of suspicious activities on his mobile phone.

The victim identified as Ralesh Tatuks was in for a shock when he contacted his bank inquiring about his bank balance following failed attempts to process transactions. After which he filed a police complaint.

According to the details given to the police, Rajesh’s and his business partners’ mobile phone had lost connectivity for a brief period on Friday evening. After failed attempts, they decide to switch the change the SIM card. The new got new SIM cards and logged into their bank accounts heedlessly.

After several attempts to log in to their personal and company bank accounts, the duo called up their respective banks putting up the complaint of failure of transactions. After which they were informed of their balance which was Rs 700 only.

The case is being probed by SHO Satish Chand. So far, no details of the exact cause is determined. However, the siphoning is being speculated as a case of hacking. The technical details are being looked into which would give a report on why the phones lost connectivity suddenly.

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