Bussinessman Duped Through WhatsApp; Lost Rs 3Lakhs

Story Highlights
  • Mumbai based bussinessesman duped for Rs 3Lakhs.
  • Fraudster disguised as a friend.
  • Case registered with the police after another attempt by the accused.

Mumbai: A 65 year old bussinessman from Mumbai fell pray to whatsapp DP fraud, loosing a whooping sum of 3 lakh Rupees in a click.

The incident is reported to have occured on November 1st, when the victim asserts to have recieved a message from an unknown number that claimed to be his friend. Seeing his friends picture pop up as the DP of the contact number, the victim assumes the former as his friend. Despite repeated attempts for clarification, victim assumed his friend was in financial crises, and transferred Rs 3 lakh to the beneficiary account details provided on WhatsApp.

Identified as a resident of the famous Warden Road, located in South Mumbai, it came to his knowledge about being duped after he cross checked with his friend. The fraudster made another attempt few days later demanding Rs2 Lakh, however, the bussinesses demanded proof and didn’t initiate any transactions on failure of the fraudster to approve of his identity.

Following this episode of fraud attempt, a complain was lodged with the police. The accused is to be charged under sections 419 (Punishment for cheating by personation) and 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code and section 66D (punishment for cheating by personation by using computer resource) of the Information Technology Act.

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