‘CAA will be Stopped In Assam if Congress Comes In Power’, Says Rahul Gandhi

Story Highlights
  • Congress MP stated that if they come to power in Assam, then they will stop the implementation of CAA
  • Rahul alleged PM Narendra Modi for visiting Assam at the time of election only
  • The leader emphasized that without the students there is no democracy

Assam: On Friday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in the poll-bound state that if Congress comes to power in Assam then the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) will be stopped. Rahul arrived in the state on a two-day campaign.

There he interacted with the students at a college in Lahowal in Dibrugarh and also met the workers of the tea garden at Dinjoy tea estate in Dibrugarh. While addressing the tea workers he said, “BJP promised Rs 365, but gives Rs 167 to Assam tea workers. I am not Narendra Modi, I won’t lie. Today, we give you five guarantees; Rs 365 for tea workers, we will stand against CAA, 5 lakh jobs, 200 units free electricity, and Rs 2000 for housewives”.

Rahul was seen in a shirt that sported a crossed-out CAA in big letters. Even tomorrow the Congress leader will be releasing the manifesto of the party. He also alleged the PM for visiting the state only at the time of the election. He said, “During a flood, you cannot give him anything so he does not come but during elections, you can give him votes, so he comes”.

The Congress leader emphasized that without the students there is no democracy and he even advised them to participate in politics. He said, “Democracy means-voice of Assam should control Assam. If we don’t include students then there can be no democracy. Youth should actively participate in politics and fight for Assam when they feel the state is being robbed. You will have to fight with love, not with stones, lathis”.

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