Cabinet Approves Irrigation Projects Worth Rs 900 Crore

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  • Rs 89.83 crore approval was given to Tyonthar Micro Irrigation Project.
  • The Cabinet decided to operate the Kanya Shiksha Parisar as a pilot project.
  • 10 contracts of MP Road Development Corporation have been terminated.

Bhopal: The State gave administrative approval for irrigation projects worth more than Rs 900 crore in Rewa, Burhanpur and Singrauli. These projects will provide irrigation facilities in an area of 50,000 hectares. In Rewa, administrative approval was given for the amount of Rs 89.83 crore to Tyonthar Micro Irrigation Project. The project will provide an irrigation facility to an area of 7600 hectares in 52 villages of Tyonthar tehsil.

Administrative approval has been given for the Pangri Medium (Hose) Irrigation Project costing Rs 145.10 crore with an irrigation potential of 4400-hectare rabi irrigation in the Burhanpur district. Under the project, 10 villages of Khaknar tehsil will get irrigation facilities from the underground pipeline through the micro-irrigation (hose) method.

 The Cabinet granted administrative approval to the Rihand micro-irrigation project costing Rs 672.25 crore for irrigation facility in 113 villages through high-pressure micro-irrigation (sprinkler) method from an underground pipeline in 38,000 hectares of an irrigation area in Singrauli and Mada tehsil of Singrauli district.

The Cabinet gave its approval to create 5,204 new posts in the Patwari cadre. Along with this, it was decided to construct one sector for every 50,000 population and to sanction the post of a city surveyor for each sector. Approval will be given for the creation of at least two posts of city surveyor in any one urban body. The Cabinet decided to operate the Kanya Shiksha Parisar, Sehore district as a pilot project through Surya Foundation on the basis of nomination under private participation.

The Cabinet approved the acceptance of award money of Rs 11 lakh to Kaveri Dhimar for earning a gold medal in the National Canoe Competition, considering it a special case. The Cabinet granted approval to hike the honorarium of guest spokesperson for 11 months against the vacant posts of training officers in government industrial training institutions.

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