CBI to Conduct Psychological Assessment of 9 Arrested

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  • One psychologist to note down the facial expression and body language during interrogation.
  • The decision came after the probe agency recorded ‘ inconsistencies’ in the accused statement.
  • Nine were arrested in connection with Bhirbhum arson killing.

West Bengal: Psychological test declared for nine accused arrested in connection with the arson killings in Bhirbhum district, a CBI officer said today.

As per the information given by the CBI, one psychologist will be present during the interrogation to note the body language and facial expressions which will be considered as evidence in court.

Forensic psychological assessment will be used while grilling the nine suspects. This is to ascertain whether these persons are telling the truth or lying,” the officer told

The decision stemmed from the inconsistencies observed in the statements recorded by the accused. The central probe agency has so far interrogated the officer in charge of the firefighters who were involved in the rescue operation after the incident occurred.

The agency has also decided to send samples of the eight dead in the carnage for DNA tests.

Around eight died, in an overnight fire assault on March 21st, which is said to be revenge for the death of the local TMC leader Bhadu Sheikh.

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