Centre Blocks 35 WhatsApp Groups After Days of ‘Agnipath’ Carnage

Story Highlights
  • 35 WhatsApp groups blocked.
  • 10 arrested so far for spreading misinformation regarding Agnipath Scheme.
  • PIB releases fact-check link for genuine information on the scheme.

New Delhi: The union govt in a move against fake information on the Agnipath scheme banned 35 Whatsapp groups. Sources in the know have informed that the centre is tracking people involved in spreading misinformation about the scheme.

So far 10 have been arrested for spreading fake news and misleading information on the scheme. In regards to this, the PIB has also released a fact-check line to verify information regarding the scheme.

The ban comes amidst the widespread protests across northern India. Trains and stations were set ablaze, roads were closed and arson. The govt has issued multiple assurances to ally concerns over the unemployment of Agniveers after four years in the military.

Earlier, during the day the centre stated that it would not roll back the scheme. Instead, it announced a broad schedule of enrollment and asserted that the scheme aimed at bringing down the age profile of the armed forces.

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