Centre Took Several Steps to Compel Farmers Self-Sufficient in Last 6 Years : PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the Government has taken several steps in the interest of farmers, including linking 1,000 or more Mandis to e-Nam, an electronic trading portal. In his address, Modi hailed the contribution of farmers in the growth of the country and said the Government has taken steps to make the farmers self-reliant.

Conveying to the people at the centenary celebrations of the Chauri Chaura event in Gorakhpur via video conferencing, PM Modi said that Farmers have been behind the progress of the country. They also played an important role in the Chauri Chaura struggle. In the last six years, steps have been taken to make farmers self-reliant. As a result of this, the agriculture sector has grown even during the pandemic.

Talking about the other steps taken in the regard of the farmers, PM Modi said that “We have taken several steps in the interest of farmers. To make ‘mandis’ profitable for farmers, 1,000 more mandis will be linked to e-NAM (National Agriculture Market)”.

He further stated, “We have to pledge that the unity of the country is our priority and its respect above everything. With this feeling, we have to move forward along with each and every person of India”.

Underlying the Union Budget 2021-22, he said, “This year’s Union Budget will help increase the speed of India’s growth which is the need of the hour during the pandemic.”

He also published a postage stamp to trace the origin of the centenary celebrations of the Chauri Chaura incident.

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