Century-Old Building Relocated In Shanghai

Story Highlights
  • 3800 tonne building ‘walks’ to its dedicated location using sliding rails.
  • Building lifted off the ground in its entirety using advanced technology.
  • Shanghai’s residents have witnessed similar relocations number of times.

Shanghai: Setting sliding rails at the bottom to relocate the building to its designation position, a 3800-tonne structure in Shanghai got a new address on Sunday. Referring to this advanced technology as the ‘walking machine’, the workers and officials managed to move the building in one piece. The structure is by far one of the largest and heaviest masonry structures in the city.

This kind of relocation is done in Shanghai to preserve historic buildings that are prone to flooding and also to pave the way for development or to make space for other projects. Engineers in Shanghai over the years have carried out unprecedented operations to preserve the historic structures. A China Government Official took to her Twitter handle to post a video of the relocation.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that the citizens are coming across such relocations. In 2020, a 7600 tonne building was moved to a new location after precise measurement and calculation. While carrying out this operation, engineers attached nearly 200 mobile supports under the building. Using the advanced technology the structure was rotated 21 degrees and moved 203 feet away from its original location.

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