CG: 12 Years’ Rape Case Settled, Life Imprisonment for Accused

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh: On an impending case of raping a minor, a Chhattisgarh court has given life imprisonment to the accused. Anand Gond, a resident of Sarkhor, took a minor girl, living in the Pendra area to a nearby forest on the pretext of giving her a ride on his bike on July 9, 2010. There, he raped the minor girl. She threatened him to give the information about the incident to a relative. On this, the young man took her to a rented house in the village Kariyam. There he kept her for a month and assured her of marriage. After that, he took her to his home in Sarkhor village but he did not marry her. Meanwhile, the girl became pregnant.

On knowing this, the youth fled away. After this, the parents of the young man also threw her out of the house. The minor’s parents took her to the hospital. She gave birth to a son later. The victim complained to the Pendra police station on July 2, 2012. The police were searching for the accused by registering a crime. Meanwhile, the accused remained absconding. The police arrested the accused on 27 November 2021 and presented him in court.

After hearing the case, Additional Sessions Judge Kiran Thwait sentenced the accused to life imprisonment. The court said in its order that making an unmarried woman pregnant is like a curse in our society. This has been faced by the victim and her parents. The accused was absconding after the incident. In such a situation, if the punishment is softened, then a good message will not be sent to society.

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