CG Based Artist Creates Coffee Art Worth Accredition

Story Highlights
  • CG based artist makes 240 sq meters painting using coffee.
  • He used around 6kgs of coffee powder.
  • The art is displayed for sale at Rs 6.5 lakh at theCAPS School, Sarona.

Raipur: Where do your left-over coffee granules go when you’ve finished making your morning Nescafe? That might have never struck your thoughts.

Meet Shiva Manikpuri, a CG based artist who is all set to create a new Guiness Book of World Records by painting a 240 sq metre painting of his mother. Shiva began the artwork on June 17th under the pandal set up by his friends in CAPS School, Sarona.

Spread over 240 sqaure meters, the artist used 6kgs of coffee powder and 40 litres of primer. The painting being displayed at the campus ground for sale at Rs 6.5 lakhs.

In 2020, a jeddah based artist made a similar attempts creating the founders of KSA and UAE in the 220.968 square meters, 15.84 meters long, and 13.95 meters wide frame using 4.5 kgs of expired coffee.

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