CG: Brawl in Rapper King’s Live Concert, Show Cancelled

Raipur, Chhattisgarh: There was a lot of ruckus at the live concert of rapper King in Raipur on Sunday night. People threw bottles and shoes on stage. Due to the non-availability of a proper exit place for the crowd, the condition of the stampede worsened. His bouncers also hit the people who created a ruckus. After a while, the program came to an end.

Many videos of the brawl have surfaced on social media. During the ruckus, many boys and girls started running away from the barricade by tearing the clothes on the venue. This program was organized at Gaurav Garden, VIP Road.

The people present in the program told that Rapper King came on stage very late. After this, he went away after singing a few songs only. Due to this, the crowd became uncontrollable. People started throwing bottles on the stage. Some youths threw chairs. Two-three people also got hurt. On the other hand, the bouncers surrounded Rapper King and took him to the hotel.

Tickets for the show were sold for Rs 1,200 to Rs 5,000. Tickets ranging from 5-20 thousand were also sold. Drinks and food were to be served in it. The police present on the spot tried to pacify the atmosphere by coming onto the stage but the ruckus continued for 2 hours. The police have not taken any action against anyone so far.

Some people also started creating a ruckus demanding the return of their money. The police chased the people away with difficulty. The program was organized by Aman, a cafe businessman in Raipur. Even after contacting the organizers, no information was given regarding the refund of the money from them. The show was canceled soon after such a disturbance.

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