CG: Drunk Teacher Attends School, asks Students to go back Home

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh: A video of a drunk teacher attending school has surfaced online. The incident is of the Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh. The teacher goes to school only after drinking alcohol. He also tells the children that it is a holiday, and asks them to go home. Information about this has come to the fore when the video went viral. In the video, he is seen drinking alcohol. Apart from this, he is also seen asking a woman to do pulse testing.

This whole matter pertains to the primary school of Sambariya Dera of Gram Panchayat Loharsi. A total of 30 children study here. Two teachers are also posted out of which Sonu Ram Sahu is the head reader in charge and the other is Subhash Chandra Bhardwaj. It has been told that Subhash Chandra Bhardwaj comes to school only after drinking alcohol. The children themselves have given this information.

On Friday too, Subhash Chandra Bhardwaj came to school after drinking alcohol. After that, he entered the school kitchen and started drinking alcohol. After this, he crossed the limit when he reached the school on Saturday also after drinking alcohol and carrying alcohol in the car and then slept in the school premises itself.

The Sarpanch of the village reached the school when the teacher was sleeping comfortably outside the school. Meanwhile, the sarpanch himself made a video of his car in which country liquor was visible. On the other hand, the in-charge head reader Sonu Ram Sahu said that because of this the people of the entire school are worried. “This is how he comes to school every day”, he said. The children say that they are also troubled by the teacher. He keeps on mumbling something or the other under the influence of alcohol. 

The school authorities have also spoken to the Development Block Education Officer Ashwani Bhardwaj regarding this matter. Bhardwaj says that they have also got information through the video and he will be suspended immediately after a departmental inquiry.

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