CG Govt Outlays Strategy to Battle Stubble Burning Threat

RAIPUR: The CG govt deducing learnings from the national capital has mooted to plan a strategy for controlling air pollution due to alleged paddy stubble burnings. The BaGhel govt has launched a campaign codenamed- Paira Daan Maha Abhiyaan (paddy stubble donation, great campaign). The pilot is being rolled out at Raipur in the first attempt.

Under the campaign, the authorities appeal to the farmers to “donate” their paddy stubble to ‘gauthans’- the livestock sheds which require paddy to feed their cattle. This campaign aims to overcome the problem of a shortage of paddy for the cows in these sheds.

“To ensure that there is enough fodder for the animals in the gauthans, we have appealed to the farmers to give as much paddy stubble as possible,” district collector of Raipur Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure said.

The women of the SHG have been engaged to manufacture vermicompost and fertilizers from cow dung and urine that the state govt procures. Moreover, the state govt has decided to set up a rural industrial park in the vicinity of the gauthans.

The campaign is running across all villages of the district. Staff and officers of the departments concerned have been pressed into the service to make “Paira Daan Maha Abhiyan” a success. In Village Semaria of the Arang block development- farmers have shown utmost cooperation with the authorities and set a trend carrying paddy on their heads to the respective guathans. It has been reported that some gauthan committees have also bared the transportation charges for the farmers who desired to send their stubble to the cow sheds.

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