CG Govt Renames Three Places

Story Highlights
  • Three places in Chhattisgarh renamed.
  • The renaming was done based on the religious structures and their importance.
  • The name change was taken in view of public demands.

Raipur: The Bhupesh Baghel govt in a big move has declared to rename three places Chandarkhuri village- one of the nine sites in Ram Van Gaman, Giroudpuri- the most revered pilgrim point 40 km from Balodabazar and Sonakhan village in Kasdol tehsil of Raipur.

The decision was taken in view of the public demand, said CM Baghel while announcing the renaming.

The Chandarkhuri village was renamed as the Mata Kaushalyadhaam in view of the ancient Mata Kasuhalya temple. Giroudpuri- the birthplace of the founder of Chhattisgarh’s Satnami Panth, Guru Ghasidas was renamed after him. The Sonakhan village- 155km away from district headquarter Raipur was renamed as Shaheed Veernarayan Singh Dham. The name proposed keeping in mind that the place is the birthplace of Vir Narayan Singh, the first Martyr of CG in the 1857 revlot.

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