CG Liquor Scam: ED & CBI Raids In Raipur and Durg

Raipur: The Friday Morning in Raipur began with ED and CBI raids. On 12 May, CBI and ED (Enforcement Directorate) officials raided businessman Suresh Kothari’s house together, and the CBI went alone to raid the house of the Chartered Accountant of the businessman. When his CA, Shripal Kothari, saw that the CBI officers were coming, he wasted no time and burnt all the important documents.

Another house was raided on the same day at 5 AM. This house belongs to Guru Charan Hora, and at 5 AM, the ED officers entered the house to investigate. The reports claim these raids are related to the 2000 crore rupees liquor scam in Chhattisgarh.

Following this raid, the CBI officials went to Padmanabhapur region in Durg to investigate the premises of Suresh Kothari at 5:15 AM. His house and also the office, which was just in front, are both being investigated. When the CBI officers reached the place of Suresh Kothari, his CA, Shripal Kothari, burnt down the important documents in large numbers. Due to this reason, they had to call the fire brigade.

Although the fire was extinguished, the documents had already been burnt. Anwar, another businessman, has already been arrested for the liquor scam case. Some information regarding the Kothari reveals that a case was already registered against them under 6 sections.

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