CG to Host Local Food Festival From July 17th

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  • CG to host monsoon food festival from July 17th-August 7th.
  • The food festival would give visitors an overall experience.
  • The food festival is aimed at promoting tourism in CG.

Raipur: Starting July 17, the CG tourism department is slated to host a food festival at several locations spread throughout the state. The move aimed to promote monsoon tourism in the state.

The festival beginning over the weekend will come to an end by 7th August. The festival is held across various locations and would be an exploratory experience for the visitors. From culture to diverse cuisine, visitors would experience everything related to tourism.

The most famous dishes or traditionally made Mahua. As the rice bowl of India, the state partly in the centre is well known for Chousela roti a.k.a Rice puris.

With so many mysteries and so little we know, this festival is crucial for culturally fluid people but also extremely fun for foodies. The state is also trying to encourage Cultural tourism; ecology, wellness tourism, and religious tourism. 

The following is the schedule of the event:

July 17- Hotel Grand Imperia in Raipur on

July 23/24-The Eco Hill Resort Kabir in Chabutra Shaila Tourist Resort Mainpat in Surguja

July 30/31- The Baiga Ethnic Resort in Sarodha Dadar in Kabirdham

August 6/7- The Dandami Luxury Resort in Chitrakote in Bastar

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