C’garh to Generate Electricity from Cow Dung

Story Highlights
  • CM Baghel made the announcement of commencement of the project.
  • State farmers to receive a surge in financial income.
  • State also to produce ethanol from maize and sugarcane.

Raipur: At a commerce festival organized by the Central Directorate General of Foreign Trade and the Department of Commerce and Industry of the state in Raipur today, CM Baghel informed that the state had sought permission from higher authorities to generate electricity from cow dung.

Addressing the gathering he said, “The world is worried about global warming. There is talk of green energy everywhere. We have limits on hydroelectric and solar power plants. In such a situation, we have decided to move towards making electricity from cow dung. We have 50 lakh quintals of cow dung procured in a year.” According to him the utilization of cow dung to generate electricity would be beneficial at the employment level and also aid in the development of the state.

He also spoke about the approval the state received to proceed to generate ethanol from maize and sugarcane. However, expressed disappointment over the regular rejection it received from the centre over generating ethanol from paddy. He further expressed displeasure over the centre’s delayed response of permitting air cargo for the landlocked state.

The event was attended by representatives from the export sectors including steel, agricultural and finished products from the processing of forest produce from Chhattisgarh.

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