Chattisgrahi Girl Makes it to the ‘Earthbeat Challenge’

Story Highlights
  • Nandini Dixit, 19 year old girl from Dantewada nominated for her patent campaign 'Amod Aranya'.
  • Amod Aranya- project dedicated to Kargil Martyrs.
  • CM Baghel and Health minister praise the young blood on their Twitter handles.

Chattisgarh : Nandini Dixit a 19 year old social worker and a climate activist from Chattisgarh district Dantewada has been nominated for the UN climate change Earthbeat challenge representing India. Entries from global youth resonating with theme Restoring balance with nature # Earthbeat Challenge is revealed.

The 19 year old environmentalist has vowed to fight against climate change. With her parents at her back, she embarked on a journey to save nature. The cool kid blames the mankind that plagued the environment which couldnt be saved by any law or govt.On her journey to save nature, Nandini started a small forest named ‘Amod Aranya’ on July 26, 2019 as a tribute to the Kargil martyrs. Planting trees over barren land, Nandini has brought up a campaign called ‘Ek Pedh Shahhedoun ke Naam’, where every individuals plants a tree as a tribute to the great martyrs between 19 to 25 of every month.

The young talent is passionate about enscribing her dreams into reality working on ground.State CM Bhupesh Baghel and Health Minister TS Singh Deo took to their microblogging site praising the young girl for her efforts to stand up for mother earth.

Against the backdrop of the crucial UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow, an international video project was launched on which empowered young people across the world to take climate action and build a greener future. Under the theme ‘Restoring balance with nature,’ the Earthbeat initiative aims to give global youth the platform, tools, inspiration and knowledge to help them be part of the widespread change needed to meet that urgent deadline.

The platform invited people aged 14-30 to produce 3-minute video stories illustrating their efforts to battle the climate crisis; to protect and restore biodiversity and ecosystems in rural or urban areas; and to protect and restore land and soil and the life it supports. The winning videos will be screened in front of a global audience during COP26 scheuled to commence next week in Glasgow.

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