Chelsea Manager Frank Lampard on the 3-0 Win against West Ham: “It Feels Okay but I Want More”

United Kingdom: Chelsea presented an applaudable comeback after two consecutive defeats in the Premier League games, as the team beats West Ham by 3-0. But the Chelsea manager Frank Lampard does not find the victory enough. According to him, there are “more challenges” waiting and the team should “keep pushing” its performance accordingly.

The official website of the Club Chelsea published the statement of their manager Lampard, which read – “It feels okay but I still want more. We want to keep pushing and we have that desire for more. We know anyone can beat anyone, this season more the most, so we have to keep pushing”.

He further added, “The higher we can aim, the more level-headed we can stay after wins and we can just prove that we can be better. We’ve got tough games coming up over Christmas so there are more challenges to come for us to deal with”.

Lampard also highlighted the defending abilities of the team, saying – “The defense was great… Some of our defending of the box this season has been really good and consistent and has to stay, particularly against opponent like we had tonight”.

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