Chengdu Commences City Wide Mandatory NAT from Today

Story Highlights
  • Chengdu authorities announced NAT from 1- 4 September.
  • Around 21.2 million residents locked up since Thursday.
  • Person shopping for daily necessities to carry an NAT Certificate valid for 24 hours.

Chengdu: After barring around 21.2 million people, the Chengdu Epidemic Control Headquarters has decided to commence a city-wide compulsory COVID-19 nucleic acid testing (NAT) from today (1 September) to 4 September.

As per the guidelines issued by the authorities, all residents from 18:00 hours today should have to stay at home for the nucleic acid tests while the non-locals are restricted from entering any communities other than their homes. Strict entrance/ exit control will be enforced in rural areas where outsiders should report themselves, the notice said. Only one person from each household is permitted to go out for essentials purchase with a NAT certificate valid for 24 hours.

All residents were ordered on Thursday to stay at home from 18:00 hours onwards with households allowed to send one person per day to shop for necessities, the city government said in a statement. Chengdu on Wednesday reported 157 cases, cumulatively 780 since Aug 25th.

Chengdu in the southwest has become the latest city to announce a shutdown imposing ‘stay at home principal’ . It is not sure whether or not the lockdown would be throughout the weekend.

Other major cities like Shenzen, and Dalian in the northeast have also reported a similar situations where authorities have imposed immediate and stringent measures to decisively arrest the spread. Work from home has been imposed and closure of entertainment businesses is in place to break the chain.

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