Chhattisgarh: 28-year-Old Trailer Driver dies of Electrocution

Korba, Chhattisgarh: A trailer driver who went to unload ballast at the site of Vivek Construction Company in Korba district died after being hit by an 11KV wire. This company is located near Barbaspur Road in the Urga police station area. On receiving the news of the incident, the police reached the spot and started an investigation. The relatives of the deceased have accused the company of negligence.

The deceased Mohammad Faiz Ahmed (28 years) was originally from the Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. He had come to work at Vivek Construction Company of Korba a month and a half ago. Faiz Ahmed was a trailer driver in the company, who had gone to Barbaspur to unload ballast on Friday. While unloading the ballast, he was also crossing the 11KV electric wire that electrocuted him and took his life.

According to Rahul Singh, the director of the contracting company, as soon as the highway pole collided with the HT line, all four tires were blasted. Faiz was getting down from the cabin of the vehicle to see this. As soon as his feet hit the ground, he came in contact with the current and died. The grass growing around was also badly scorched by the current. The employees of the company immediately informed the Urga police station about the accident.

Faiz has a 6-year-old daughter and a 2.5-year-old son. He had spoken to the family members only a few days ago. He had promised his daughter that he would soon bring new cloth for her but now he will not return any more. The 6-year-old innocent girl has not yet been informed about her father’s death yet. Urga police station in-charge Sanat Sonwani said that the matter is being investigated. Appropriate action will be taken after recording the statement of the people of the company.

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