Chhattisgarh: A Decline in the Positivity Rate Observed for First Time After April 5

Story Highlights
  • Drop recorded since the past 6 days
  • Positivity rate at 19%
  • 48,732 individuals were tested for COVID-19 today in the state

Raipur: Chhattisgarh reported a steady drop in the last 6 days. A decline of 19% was reported on May 9. Out of 48,732 samples tested across the state, 9,120 people reported being infected with the novel virus.   

A decline in the positivity rate for the first time since April 5 was observed. The positivity rate in the state has fallen below 20 percent, reported senior health authorities. 

As per the data recorded, the state on April 5 recorded an 18 percent positivity rate. The health ministry reported a positivity rate dropping from 28 percent on May 4 to 19 percent on May 9. “The positivity rate of Raipur district has shown a good decline in the last one week, said an anonymous health official.”

On May 2, Raipur reported a positive rate of 31 percent, which came down to 15%. The district statistics as per May 3 reported 25-25 percent positivity rate whereas, On May 9, 15 percent is the positivity rate. 

189 people succumbed to death. As per hospital documentation, 12,810 recuperations were reported. So far 7,14,359 patients have been discharged after treatment in the state.  The death toll reached 10,570 while 1,26,547 active cases were logged. 

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