Chhattisgarh: Accident at the Industrial Area’s Oil Factory, Death of a Laborer

Story Highlights
  • Laborer dies at an oil factory named J C Reclamations, located at Phase-I of the Siltara Industrial Area
  • As per the management, the laborer has died by accidentally drowning in water
  • Deceased was a resident of Jharkhand

Raipur: A laborer was found dead at the Reclamations Oil Factory located at Phase-I of the Siltara Industrial Area. During the police inquiry, the management of the factory said that the laborer lost his life after he had accidentally drowned in water. Currently, the investigation is going on regarding the matter; the police force in the Siltara post has been thoroughly looking into the mishap.

Vijay Yadav (28), the deceased, came here from Jharkhand, and he had been accommodated at the labor colony inside the factory premises since he joined as a laborer in the oil factory. 

The factory management further said that the deceased laborer, during taking a bath in the tank, dove headlong into the water. After this, his head accidentally stuck in an angle somewhere inside the tank, and he sunk into the water, lost his breath, and died.

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