Chhattisgarh: Administration Extends Lockdown; Issues Fresh Guidelines

Story Highlights
  • New guidelines issued
  • Collector announces an extension of the lockdown
  • Chhattisgarh under lockdown from April 6-14

Durg: Several districts of Chhattisgarh were directed to go under lockdown from April 6th to April 14th. This decision of the government presented a significant decline in the graph. In this context, Dr Sarveswar Narendra Bhure, Durg Collector today decided to extend the lockdown till April 19. He has urged the public to co-operate and follow the guidelines of the lockdown.

Following were the fresh guidelines issued:

  • All borders of the district will remain sealed. Admission to the district will be available only through an e-pass.
  • Milk vendors have been permitted movement for two hours during the day. 6 am-7 am in the morning and 6 pm-7 pm in the evening.
  • Newspaper hawkers will be allowed from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.
  • Liquor shops in the district will also remain closed for 9 days.
  • Drug stores, petrol pumps, optical, and LPG-CNG pumps will remain open.
  • Transport facilities of masks, sanitizers, and essential service vehicles will be able to ply.
  • Petrol pumps will provide petrol only to government vehicles, medical, emergency, ambulances, airports, railway station employees, autos operated from bus stands, taxis, candidates who display admit cards, media persons on the display of identity cards.
  • The bank and post office will function from 10 am to 1 pm.
  • Common people are restricted in the government offices. 
  • Only 3 passengers will be allowed to travel in a car and only two on a two-wheeler.
  • Industrial institutions and mining have been exempted from the ban.
  • All operating factories, construction, labour works will be operated on the terms of instructions issued by the Government of India and the State Government.

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