Chhattisgarh: Ambulance stopped 20 km away from the Village; Patient Faces Hardships

Story Highlights
  • Ambulance denies coming beyond the river
  • TB-Patient struggles to receive medical help
  • Similar cases of the past highlighted

Chhattisgarh: An Ambulance failed to reach the needy in Tumpringud villages. A TB-afflicted woman couldn’t avail of medical aid as the ambulance could not reach her. The medical representatives took a 15 km walk on foot to reach the patient who was transported from her home on a two-wheeler.

This case is reported from Indravati after a patient called 108 for medical assistance. Janpad Panchayat member Vijay Kumar and the patient’s kin were forced to take the woman on foot.

It is reported that ambulances have arrived earlier also in the village but denied to travel beyond the Pahurnar river. Janpad Panchayat member Vijay reports that four-wheelers could easily access the village beyond the river.

Instructed not to drive on rough routes

On anonymity, ambulance personnel report that they have been instructed not to take the vehicle on rugged roads. If done so they have to compensate for the damage to the vehicle.

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