Chhattisgarh B-ed, D-ed Union to Protest Outside CM Residence

Story Highlights
  • Union officials forwarded the letter to the higher authorities informing about the protest
  • Association to protest around CMs residence in Idgah Bhata
  • Will resort to hunger strike if demands are not met by 9 June

The Chhattisgarh B-ed, D-ed Association on Tuesday, has announced a protest outside the CMs house. 

The  protest comes after Raipur unlocked the district and permitted movement until the evening. The district collector announced the continuation of the night curfew whilst delineating the guidelines for the new lockdown. 

It is reported that the agitation is in regards to the un-employment of the candidates despite selection. The Union said that it had been waiting for a long time now, for the government to issue their offer letters. The Union announced a protest as the  state was relieved of the lockdown. It is reported that a letter was forwarded to  the administration by the union officials in regards to their protest at Idgah Bhata.

The Union has declared a hunger strike if their demands are not met by June 9.

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