Chhattisgarh: Bird Flu Spreads in Ambikapur ; 21,000 Birds To Be Culled

Story Highlights
  • SoP released to contain the spread
  • Collector orders to restrict interstate transport
  • Government offers treatment to symptomatic employees

Chhattisgarh: Ambikapur reports major bird flu in the state. Preparations to cull around 21 thousand birds are being made for the Shakalo official kukut rearing. All birds and chicken in 1km approximation of the area are being prepared to be culled.

The Sarguja collector issued the order stating that 1 km of the area found to be infected and an area of 10 km should be declared as a surveillance zone. 

SoP for Culling and Disposal

Culling and disposal of poultry birds in the infected area should be completed in accordance with the guidelines of the government before the representatives of the Department of Revenue, Department of Police and Urban Administration, and Panchayat Department. The slain birds and farm wastes will be managed in accordance with the biosafety rules

The employees of the poultry farms are ordered to quarantine for 10 days. Under the surveillance of the health department; the symptomatic individuals will be sent for sample testing and antiviral prophylaxis.

Also, the people will be sensitized by disseminating the necessary publicity to prevent symptoms and infections.

Transportation of poultry and eggs across and within the district is completely prohibited. Furthermore, outlets concerned with the disease will be monitored.

Department of Revenue, police, local bodies, and panchayat department officials will be deployed for continuous monitoring. 

The Director, Livestock Development Department, Sarguja is ordered to report the daily proceedings to the government.

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