Chhattisgarh: COVID-19 Curbs another School; Surge in Sarguja District

Story Highlights
  • School staff afflicted with COVID-19
  • School ordered to shut down
  • 1 admitted; others ordered self-quarantine

Raipur: It hasn’t been long since the schools reopened in Chhattisgarh; staff report positive COVID cases. 8 teachers and staff of the Sainik School have been diagnosed with corona.  With this, the figure of infections in Sarguja has crossed 80 within a week. This alarming rise in the case has raised a question of concern across the state.

In this regard, CMHO PS Sisodia informed that 90 people were tested in the school, with 8 people found to be corona positive.  He said, “we have conveyed to the higher authorities. The remaining staff will still be given corona tests.”

Collector Sanjeev Jha said that a teacher presented COVID symptoms after which all the staff and the students of the school were immediately tested at the campus. Amongst the tested 1 is hospitalized and the others are ordered to self-quarantine. After which the campus has also been sanitized.

He said that at present the school is shut down, and all the teachers and staff found are from the residential campus. 

The school comes under the authority of the Defence Ministry and hence we will have to wait for their further notice.

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