Chhattisgarh: COVID-19 Spread Declined, Death Rate Has Not Slowed Down Yet: report

Raipur: The State Health Department of Chhattisgarh, in its report released on Tuesday, has revealed that there is a significant decrease in the rate of coronavirus-infected population, but there is no visible decline in the graph of overall death cases due to the virus in the state.

Earlier, on Monday, a media report analyzed a death audit done by the state health department, which revealed that a total of 43 persons died of the COVID-19 viral disease between January 22 and 28. Among the deceased population, 67% were men while the rest of the 33% were women. Notably, 14 among the deceased people aged above 60 years. 

The press release also revealed, that as per the audit report, 81% of deaths were caused by co-morbidity and the rest of the 19% people died of the COVID-19 viral disease. The audit also recorded the fatality rates among various age groups, which was 1.59% and 6.66% among the age groups of patients between 45-59 and above 60 respectively.

Also, according to the report, 7% of the patients infected between January 22 and 28, died within 2-3 days, whilst 35% breathed their last within 24 hours of being affected.

Looking at the fatality rate of the state, the doctors are recommending to consult a healthcare center immediately after having cough-cold or fever, especially for elderly people.

It is noteworthy that a man from Baloda Bazar had been suffering from cough and fever since the end of December. He was taking medicine for his ailment from a local clinic.

On January 19, after developing trouble in breathing, he underwent a test and was diagnosed positive with SARS-CoV-2. Within 3 days, on January 22, the man passed away.

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