Chhattisgarh: Each CSP and TI Has to Go for Fieldwork, says Bilaspur SP after gunshot incident

Bilaspur: Prashant Agarwal, the Superintendent of Police, Bilaspur, has come into a mode of action after the firing incident that took place at Bilasgudi in Bilaspur district on January 25. The incident took place in a posh area, under strict surveillance, where a jewelry shopkeeper was shot after a failed robbery attempt.

Shortly after the incident, the media houses and general people started raising questions against the security system provided by the police. Following the questions and accusations that arose against the administration, SP Prashant Agarwal today reviewed the crimes that took place lately, along with all the officers-in-charge of different police stations and the gazette officers in Bilasgudi.

SP Agarwal, at the end of the meeting, instructed all the officers-in-charge to opt for patrolling instead of sitting idly inside the police stations. The SP has instructed the officers-in-charge, CSP, and Police Inspectors to be present and perform patrolling at crowded areas, market places, and colonies.

Besides these, the SP has also instructed to seize the cars without number-plates and book those car owners for further investigations, and to release them only after they present valid papers. Agarwal has also instructed to take strict action against two-wheelers carrying more than two persons.

He has also appealed to the general public not to use vehicles without number plates, to keep proper papers of the bikes/cars they travel in so that it gets easier for the police personnel to decide whether the vehicle is clear or related to crime/theft.

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