Chhattisgarh: Former CM Hits on Congress for Alleged Toolkit Promoting Hatred Towards PM and Centre

Story Highlights
  • BJP condemns Congress for creating a toolkit defaming PM and Centre
  • Congress denies toolkit curation
  • Files FIR against several BJP representatives

Raipur: Hitting out at the Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday shared what it claimed is a toolkit allegedly created by the opposition party to defame PM Narendra Modi. 

Former CM Raman Sinha of Chhattisgarh shared the alleged toolkit created by Congress on his Twitter Handle. Sharing the toolkit Mr. Sinha was displeased with the facts laid down in the toolkit. According to him, the opposition used “Below the Belt” statistics amidst the existing COVID toil.

 Apart from Sinha, many BJP leaders have tweeted the alleged toolkit, which has gone viral on social media. 

  Listing the sections covered; BJP claimed it instructed them to call the new COVID-19 variant “Indian strain” or “Modi strain” to tarnish the image of India and PM Modi. An entire section is dedicated for propaganda works against the union government’s ambitious Central Vista Project. It is also rumoured that the alleged toolkit instructs Congress’s social media volunteers to compare the COVID-19 relief work done by Congress and the lack of efforts by the BJP government. It asks them to collaborate with “friendly journalists” to amplify such messages. 

Denying the allegations levelled by the BJP, Congress called the toolkit “fake,” and said it would take strict legal action against it. “It is a fake document…we are filing an FIR as it is a case of forgery. The country is battling COVID-19 and the BJP is propagating fake news, this cannot be tolerated,” said Rohan Gupta, Chairman, Congress’s Social Media Department.”

The party wrote to the Delhi Police and demanded that an FIR be lodged against those BJP leaders named in the letter. 

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