Chhattisgarh: Health Minister Disapproves State Lockdown Strategy; Urges Public to Follow COVID Norms

Story Highlights
  • TS Singh deo opposes the lockdown strategy for the state
  • Describes the downfall of the economy during the first phase of lockdown
  • The second wave is more lethal than its predecessor

Raipur: The state government is not yet in favour of lockdown amid the growing infection of corona in the state. The Health Minister TS Singhdev expressed his concerns over the crashing economy due to the first lockdown. 

Health Minister TS Singhdev addressed the media at his civil line residence on the growing cases of COVID in the country. He delineated the statistics of the state comparing the rise pan-India. Along with these he also described the financial crisis the public faced during the lockdown.

The health minister said that there is an alarming situation in 6 districts, which is up by 3 percent. 60-70 thousand citizens of the state have been vaccinated against the disease. Cumulatively, the count has reached 5 lakhs today.  He has urged the public to follow COVID norms to contain the spread. He has also advised the people to avoid unnecessary traveling. A Ban on large-scale Holi celebrations is levied.

Lastly, he spoke about the reports released by Punjab that declared the second wave to be more lethal than before.

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