Chhattisgarh: Health Ministry Conducted 53 Lakh Sample Tests; Administered Over 13 Lakh Vaccines

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  • Chhattisgarh racing against COVID
  • Government Imposed penalties on laxation of vaccination rules
  • Chhattisgarh Government on the mission to increase vaccination centre in the state

Chhattisgarh: More than 13 lakh 54 thousand 171 locals of Chhattisgarh are vaccinated against the deadly virus.  Sources report more than 54 lakh 29 thousand infectious samples tested.

The state government is using all its might to contain the spread. While the number of corona probes is increasing, the state determines to increase the vaccination units. Penalties have been formulated for citizens who deny following the vaccination protocols.

The entire nation is currently under the COVID shadow. The Government of India recently directed to create greater public awareness to prevent infection in some other states including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh. It has also directed all states to create greater awareness at the district level and to prevent the spread of infection by forwarding messages in their dialect.

As per the information received from the Chhattisgarh health department, more than 13 lakh 54 thousand covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered including health care workers, front line workers, and elderly persons above 60 years of age and aged 45 to 59. The state reported 3,25,678 infections in the past 24 hours. Amongst all districts, Raipur reports the highest infections and deaths. While Durg is observed to register the highest count of active cases.

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