Chhattisgarh High Court Extends the Period of Parole for the Prisoners amidst the Further Spread of the Virus

Raipur: The High Court has announced an extension of the parole period in the jails in the state. Parole was announced for the prisoners earlier, seeing the spread of the infection in the jails across the districts.

As the infection is getting deadlier in various corners across the state, the High Court has decided to add two more weeks to the period of the parole from today, i.e., December 1, 2020. Along with that, the High Court has also made it clear that this is the last extension of parole and there will be no further extension.

Parole is basically the release of a prisoner, which can either be temporarily for a special purpose or completely before the prisoner’s sentence expires, on the promise of good conduct, such promises are referred to as ‘a word of honor provided in the parole order’.

The word ‘parole’ has been derived from French ‘je donne ma parole’ which means ‘I give my word’, which is the word of honor.

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