Chhattisgarh: Man Attempts Suicide, Alleges Excise Department For Harassment

Story Highlights
  • Excise Department under the radar
  • Duj Ram demanded Rs.10,000
  • Irked by the situation, Duj Ram attempts suicide

Raipur: Naktikhar Village in Rampur was flummoxed after a young man was found on the top of a tower. The incident was reported to the local police at Rampur Outpost by the villagers. Village Sarpanch and Panchayat failed in persuading the young lad to descend from the tower.

The case is about Duj Ram, a resident of Naktikhar village. He alleges that excise department’s officials are harassing him to pay Rs 10,000 for the liquor found at his residence. Duj claims that he made this liquor for his personal use and not for sale. On being threatened to pay by 5 pm in the evening the resident sought this way to get rid of his shortcomings and commit suicide.

On interrogation, Duj Ram explained his reasons for the act revealing his financial instability, egregious health conditions of his wife, and farm mortgage. The victim was in a state of mental fallback whilst he climbed the tower to commit suicide.

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