Chhattisgarh: Medical fraternity conscience -stricken; Vandalism Case Filed Against Junior Doctor

Story Highlights
  • A junior doctor assaults a visitor on the college premises
  • Case filed in Modhapara Police Station
  • The victim was identified as Ramandeep Chhabra

Raipur: A case of hooliganism is reported in the capital of the country. A Junior doctor and his colleagues vandalize a businessman at their PG hostel located in medical college premises.

Identified as Ramandeep Chhabra, the businessman alleges that the junior doctor Avinash threatened his female friend to death. His complaints also reveal that a verbal assault was attempted. The case has been registered in the Moudhapara Police Station. The police said,” 

The junior doctor and his associates have assaulted businessman Ramandeep Chhabra.”  The petitioner had been to the PG hostel of RamanDeep Chhabra Medical College to handover a few essentials to his female friend. In the meantime, Avinash initiated a fight with Ramandeep during which the petitioner sustained injuries. The police accused Avinash of threatening to swear, assault, kill.

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