Chhattisgarh: More than a Week long Lockdown in this district; administration issues the order

Durg: In the wake of the second wave of coronavirus in Chhattisgarh’s Durg district, the district administration has decided to undergo a 9 days long lockdown from 6th April to 14th April.

Collector Dr. Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure has appealed to the citizens that “it is very important to control the rapid spread of infection in the district, to control the dynamics of corona through lockdown. For this, the cooperation of the citizens is very important. In the past, a lock-down was imposed in the district and with the help of the people, it was successful in stopping the first wave of Coronavirus.”

“This time too, patience is needed in the time of Kovid crisis, so that the spread of CoVID infection can be controlled. The Collector has appealed to the citizens to stay at home and stay safe. Like last time we introduced complete restraint in lockdown, then we will be able to completely avoid the seriousness of COVID.” He continued further.

He has also urged to all citizens above 45 years of age to reach the nearest vaccination center and get vaccinated. The Collector has appealed to the citizens to get the Corona symptoms tested as soon as they emerges. Talking about Corona positive, work on the advice of the doctor. Even after coming in contact with a positive patient, get the test done. Take full care of the isolation of positive patients.

The Collector has said that “this is a difficult situation in front of the district. If we confronted this situation with complete restraint and perseverance, then surely we will be able to keep our families and loved ones safe from this calamity.”

There have been 4,617 new cases of corona in the last 24 hours in the state, which is the highest number of patients found in a day so far. On Thursday, 25 patients died in the state, so far 4204 people have lost their lives.

The two worst districts of Chhattisgarh:

66,999 people have been infected in Raipur so far

On Thursday, 1327 new patients appeared in Raipur district. Together, the number of people caught in the infection has reached 66 thousand 999. Of these, 58 thousand 682 people were cured, but 914 people lost their lives. Currently 7403 patients are being treated in the district.

9,883 active cases in Durg

996 new cases were reported in Durg district on Thursday. At the same time, 7 patients died during treatment. With these, the death toll has risen to 754. So far, 40 thousand 68 people have been affected by the infection in Durg district. There are currently 9883 active patients. This is the highest in the state.

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