Chhattisgarh: Mother of 3 Fled a Year Back, Killed By Husband upon Returning

Story Highlights
  • The incident happened in Chhattisgarh’s Gariaband
  • Gayatri and Manoj were married for 9 years after which she eloped with neighbor
  • Upon returning 4 days back, Manoj killed Gayatri with a sword

Raipur: In Chhattisgarh’s Gariaband area, a young man named Manoj Tarak killed his ex-wife Gayatri with a sword in the middle of a road on Sunday afternoon. Gayatri and Tarak were married for 9 years and they both have 3 children together. Meanwhile, a year ago, Gayatri eloped with a neighborhood man named Manaschand and they did not return for a year. 4 days back, both of them returned to the village and that is when Manoj could not control his anger. 

On the occasion of Independence Day, on Sunday, he killed his former wife with a sword. All of 29, Manoj, fled the scene after killing Gayatri. But the police and locals gheraoed him and he was later taken into custody under the Rajim police station. He is a resident of Kuruskera village and was living a good life with his wife Gayatri and their 3 children until she eloped with Manaschand. But even though she eloped, Manoj remained quiet and did not protest. 

Fate never knew how much hatred and anger he was building up inside him. And at last, when Gayatri and Manaschand returned after a year, he could not hold up his anger and killed Gayatri with the sword. While Manoj was going to Gayatri’s house, he met her on the road, they both started fighting and then Manoj hit her with the sword. Though the villagers were trying to help, after seeing how angry Manoj was they deferred helping Gayatri. In the end, Gayatri died slowly in pain. Her body has been sent for post mortem while Manoj remains in custody.

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